Alice Guy Blache by Emmanuelle Gaume with Alexandra Lamy

Alice Guy Blache by Emmanuelle Gaume with Alexandra Lamy
Why a movie? Guy-Blaché is the definition of an industry pioneer, rising first through Gaumont Studios, then by becoming the founder and head of Solax Studios. By all accounts a cisgender woman, she nonetheless challenged masculine stereotypes, making big meaningful moves like casting women into then-typically male professions, like magicians or dog-trainers, and taking on the masculine roles herself, dressing as a man and stepping in front of the camera. Today, as we continue to mold our perspectives on how we conceptualize gender and sexuality in mainstream artr, Guy-Blaché’s story is both a feminist rendering of an inherently masculine system, and a subversion of how women were expected to perform both on- and off-screen

vendredi 6 mai 2016

"L'Utilité du rayon X" Une brève comédie sexy Réal. Alice Guy Blache
(France/1898/Teinté/ muet/53'') Gaumont
A l'octroi, une dame se présente : son embonpoint paraît suspect. Les douaniers la soumettent aux rayons X...Une brève comédie sexy, typique des possibilités offertes par la naissance du cinématographe.
En 1895, G.C. Röntgen découvre des rayons mystérieux capables de traverser le corps humain. N'en connaissant pas la nature, il les nomme rayons X.

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