Alice Guy Blache by Emmanuelle Gaume with Alexandra Lamy

Alice Guy Blache by Emmanuelle Gaume with Alexandra Lamy
Why a movie? Guy-Blaché is the definition of an industry pioneer, rising first through Gaumont Studios, then by becoming the founder and head of Solax Studios. By all accounts a cisgender woman, she nonetheless challenged masculine stereotypes, making big meaningful moves like casting women into then-typically male professions, like magicians or dog-trainers, and taking on the masculine roles herself, dressing as a man and stepping in front of the camera. Today, as we continue to mold our perspectives on how we conceptualize gender and sexuality in mainstream artr, Guy-Blaché’s story is both a feminist rendering of an inherently masculine system, and a subversion of how women were expected to perform both on- and off-screen

mercredi 12 avril 2017

I WANT MY FUNDS BACK Message to Robert Redford producer of "The Untold story of Alice Guy Blache

3840 backers for 219263 dollars, this is a huge amount. Jodie and Robert, please show some respect to your backers by giving regular updates and taking the time to answer to their questions.
No consideration + no perk = I want my funds back NOW!

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